Sid Roth with Jason Westerfield

Published: 05th October 2009
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SID : hello, Sid Roth here, welcome to my world where it is naturally mystical. I would not wish to be in any other atmosphere but the atmosphere of Heaven. You can have your faith ; I mean you can have your tradition. S. That is's pretty cool, but the thing that is even more extraordinary to me is you scooped NASA on a comet, what happened?
JASON : Well the Lord took me in a novel experience and showed me a vision of a comet going on.
SID : I mean NADSA hadn't even heard of this comet coming.
JASON : No comets are usually cyclic so you know when they're coming, but the Lord in this experience showed me a comet going thru outer space and asserted that it was going to be a sign in the heavens of what he was doing in our generation here on the earth. He claimed in one generation the whole face and expression of Christianity, but also the world was going to change, that we reside in a season of reformation. And he said just as Martin Luther in the early 1500's during the time of reformation they had an understanding that you might be save by grace with religion in Our Lord God and understanding of deliverance, this generation was going to have a knowledge of the dominion of God and the people would be ready to walk in larger intimacy with the Lord than they ever had before and begin to walk in the larger works of Jesus Christ. SID : Now as a young boy you weren't truly churched, you weren't actually non secular or anything like that but you had an encounter with God, tell me about it.
JASON : yes, I was praying in my room one day, not knowing exactly what prayer was, and I just claimed God if you're real, would you please come in my room at this time. And as i did that my room was fully black, an intense light shined in my room for about forty five seconds to the point that it took awhile for my eyes to dilate, and during that time, once my eyes distended, there had been a person sitting on the floor in a prayer position like this and then he turned and looked at me, he had the largest grin i have ever seen of any one and the brightest eyes of intensity and a living air, electrical like cloud around him that finally came off of him and it went on me, rested on me my full body started to be filled with love, and it was like an electric current, a warm energy going thru my full being and I never felt so loved in all my life.
SID : But then over the years you did not forget it but you went on to do your thing, you needed to be in show business in southern California, but things looked pretty empty to you, like what?
JASON : Well, I spotted from the people that I was around that were succeeding and doing what I believed was success, plenty of their lives were empty. They might have had celebrity ; they might have had money, they might have had plenty of good things going for them but within they were void. And what i did is, I went and meditate and attempted to pray for 3 and a half weeks, knowing there had been a God but not knowing exactly what his name was. I started to try to see God how I knew how, and then I had an encounter again with the individual that I had an encounter with when I used to be a young boy and I got radically saved in my living room when the Lord Jesus appeared to me, and that's how I got saved. And he told me how much that he loved me also and for the following 3 and a half weeks I would have encounters almost everyday before I had ever been to church.
About Sid Roth

Sid Roth's desire is for all people to grasp Jesus. His God-ordained strategy is to go to the Jew first. He has revealed that platforming God's miracles is the best strategy available for reaching Jewish people with the gospel.
It stresses the supernatural viewpoint that the temporal networks don't understand. And at the end of each program, Sid tells the viewers how they can have intimacy with Almighty God.

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